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1. Worth Storm - FPSTM2 - 291.20 BPF16 oz2 14 $49.002. Easton Mystique - sx67b - 331.20 BPF21.5 oz2 14 $20.00Both for $69.00
Easton Little League T Ball, Baseball, Softball Bat Bag
Have a couple bats up for sell. One is a power endload Z4000 27.5 oz with a 1.5 oz endload. Had a 3 piece design. Bat is fairly new. Probably 150-200 total swings. Does have normal wear on it. Retails for 179.00 new would take 100 for it. Also have an old worth pumpkin that is still in good shape. Works good for my wife she has played with it for 4 seasons now. It is a 26 oz one piece construct...
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